AD-Reflex explore 'paint' as a medium (both in its traditional form and through digital painting), together with process-led abstraction as an approach. Through the use of various complex processes, mythological landscapes, drips and digital elements appear, then melt away in abstract compositions, which feels like abstract sculpture on canvas.

AD-Reflex International Awards and exhibitions:

● During July, 2017 AD-Reflex was awarded second prize in the “Award of Excellence” International competition held in MIAMI (Florida, USA) by Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery. As part of the award, AD-Reflex was offered a solo presentation at the MIAMI River Art Fair 2018 taking place from 3-5 December, and coinciding with the important MIAMI Basel and Scope MIAMI fairs.

● Top 15 finalist in the “London Contemporary Art Prize” taking place from 26 July till 25 August (2018) in Soho, London at Store Street Gallery. Resulting from this exhibition, Store Street Gallery indicated their willingness to collaborate with AD-Reflex. Link to AD-Reflex on their different platforms:

Store Street Gallery website:

London Contemporary Art website:

● On 15 May, 2018 AD-Reflex was announced overall winner in the ‘mixed-media’ category in the “F The Art World” International competition held in Chelsea, New York (USA). 

From the 1 - 29 September, 2018 AD-Reflex will form part of the group exhibition, “Wounds and relics”, at Gallery 2 in Rosebank, Johannesburg (curated by Johan Conradie).

AD-Reflex was recently announced one of the winners in the “Show your world” International Art Competition in Manhattan, NEW YORK taking place from 27 September till 12 October (2018), and hosted by RE-ARTISTE International Art Organisation.

Solo exhibition at the MIAMI River Art Fair from 3-5 December, 2018.

● Participant in the prestigious “Personal Structures” exhibition that will be held at the 2019 Venice Biennale (Italy). Previous “Personal Structures” exhibitions included Yoko Ono, Joseph Kosuth, Marina Abromović, Bruno Walpoth and many more.

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